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WINNING SERIOUS GAMES AT THE FUN & SERIOUS GAME FESTIVAL ANNOUNCED The Fun & Serious Game Festival has announced the titles of the winning serious games in its 2nd edition.
In the words of Festival Director Alfonso Gómez, ‘Serious Games are increasingly present in society. This is why they get recognition at the Fun & Serious Game Festival. The quality of this year’s winners is really high, showing that the importance of the video game industry goes well beyond entertainment.’

The winners

The judges have chosen the games below out of 354 entries.

Best Educational Game

DragonBox – Company: WeWantToKnow

DragonBox is a game for children, helping the little ones solve algebraic equations while having fun, without even realising they are doing maths. You do not even need to know basic arithmetic to play.

Players go through different worlds as they go one level up and see their dragons grow.

The game’s creator, Jean-Baptiste Huynh from Norway, was a teacher who got tired of the frustrating method used to teach maths in school. He wanted his children to learn algebra in a meaning way. Using tablets and gamification techniques, he devised an application for easier learning. He even set up his own company, WeWantToKnow, developing entertaining educational games. DragonBox shows Mr Huynh is on the right track.

Best Health Game

Triage Trainer – Company: ARPEXA Multimedia

Triage Trainer is a software developed to train or recycle staff in triage (the process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their conditions). Based on an application called ‘GVET’ (victim generator for triage training), the game is aimed at helping the relevant staff to develop the required skills to deal with situations with multiple patients: doctors and nurses, firemen, policemen, volunteers, assistants and so on. The game provides virtual training for the most effective triage solutions in every situation. The application creates victims in real time, based on percentage, probability and real compatibility rules. Users are never faced with the same situation twice, which guarantees training effectiveness.

Best Simulation Game

Disney Stars (Disneyland Paris). Company: KTM Advance

Disney Stars is a virtual agency for 100,000 travel agents in Europe who must sell trips to Disneyland Paris, the entertainment resort in the eastern suburbs of Paris. It is available in eight languages and five different versions, adapted to the characteristics of the selected country.

The game is set in a simulated office. In phase 1, players meet a series of randomly created clients designed after real types, with needs and limitations as in real situations.

They have to design the ideal holiday for each virtual client according to their needs, within a personalised sale approach.

To do this, they have to gather information on the resort’s products and services, developing their selling skills along the way.

Best Cultural Game

El Códex del Peregrino – Company: CEIEC-Fundación Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

El Códex del Peregrino (The Pilgrim’s Codex) is a project to bring the Way of St James, its historical and cultural background, closer to young people. The game is set in this spatial and cultural environment.

The idea is to teach the history, art and music associated with the Way of St James, arousing interest in this pilgrimage route. Players experience it and are encouraged to think about its meaning and maybe undertake it in real life in the future.

Although educational in nature, the game was designed to compete in the market: the cultural contents are woven into the plot and game mechanics. This way, the educational aspect is an added value in a game that is ahead of curve in terms of entertainment.

The 2nd Fun & Serious Game Festival Awards will be granted in a spectacular gala at the Campos Elíseos Theatre in Bilbao. The 18 winners of the Fun Game Awards will also be announced at the gala, crowned by the much disputed Fun Game of the Year.

The judges of Serious Games are:

Samir Abou-Samra
CTO of DigiPen Corporation USA, Director of the RTIS Programme and Chair of the Computer Science Department at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Sue Bohle
Executive Director of the Serious Game Association, founder of The Bohle Company in Santa Monica, California, and lead speaker on public relations for the game industry at numerous industry conferences.

Julio Álvarez
Director of the Health Unit at Virtualware. Marketing expert with ten-year experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working as Marketing Manager or Product Manager at multinationals (Biogen Idec) and Big Pharma companies (Bayer Schering).

Ruth Martínez
Specialist in creative processes and learning activity design in immersive environments and recreational contexts. R&D evaluator for the European Commission (IST), working group member at the Spanish E-Learning Technical Standardisation Committee AEN/CTN 66/SC 1/GT 15, ‘E-Learning Quality’, author of Mundos virtuales 3D: una guía para padres y formadores, contributor to general and specialist publications and blogger at

This year, the Fun & Serious Game Festival is unfolding from 26 November to 2 December. With the addition of the International Indie Game Competition – hóPlay, new this year, the Festival is now longer and includes a wider range of activities.

Leading figures in the video game industry have already confirmed their presence at the Fun & Serious Game Festival. They include Rod Nelson, Senior Performance Engineer at Lotus F1 Team (former race engineer and Fernando Alonso’s right-hand man when the pilot won his two world championships), and game guru Charles Cecil, co-founder of the leading adventure game developer Revolution Software, who will discuss his successful crowdfunded project for the Kickstarter platform: Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse.

The Fun & Serious Game Festival is sponsored by the Government of the Basque Country, Bilbao Town Hall and the Provincial Government of Bizkaia, with the cooperation of El Corte Inglés and aDeSe, and strategically supported by the renowned Bilbao-based game education centre DigiPen.

Press materials are available for download at the Festival’s official website:

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